(below is a sample itinerary and is in no way guaranteed to be our itinerary for the current tour... factors such as weather, holidays, site exploration, site closures, client skill levels, etc., will dictate in a large way our current itinerary)

Our Goal is to open our tour up to anyone with a P-2 or above skill Level. This is often possible, depending on your skill level, experience and other factors. Call if you have any questions. There are other tours options for pilots with higher skill ratings, to fly and explore more High Altitude sites. Something for everyone! We also highly encourage non flying family members to join us. Almost every year we have a non pilot in the group and feedback from them has always been great! Plenty to do and see...

This itinerary outlines the main tour, with a possible extension afterwards for pilots of competent High altitude skills. This Andean flying extension would be Flexible and planned around weather, etc. Feel free to join the main tour at our halfway point, then finish with the Highland flying... if your skills are appropriate. What's appropriate? If you don't know for sure, give me a call and we'll talk.

The below itinerary is an example only and very likely will change to accommodate weather, flying sites, clients, etc.

Day 1

* Arrival to Quito, welcome briefing and itinerary review at the hostel.

* Overnight at Hostel Fuente de Piedra, Quito.

Day 2

* Sleep in and relax. Time to acclimate our bodies to Quito altitude of 9300 ft msl. Possible flights in the morning and evening over city sites. Overnight at Hotel Fuente de Piedra, Quito or depart for the Highland valleys of the Imababuru Province.

Day 3

* Early flight from Casitahua Mountain. Launch at an altitude of 11,480ft msl, with a drop of 2,624ft to the Landing Zone. These first flights will start getting us used to altitude flying.

* Afterwards we will depart north towards the Imababura Province, passing the Equatorial line. On this first day of touring the Ecuadorian Andes we will visit the Otavalo market (Native Market). It is a good place for souvenir, textile, and handicraft shopping and to interact with the Otavalo people. They are considered the most prosperous native group in America.

* Afterwards we will get to the colonial hostel in Ibarra, which will be home for the next three or four nights.

* Overnight at Hosteria Rancho Totoral Yaguarcocha.

Day 4

* Early departure towards Yahuarcocha flying site. After setting up our windsocks at the LZ (7,000 ft MSL) we will drive up to the Launch ( 9,300 ft MSL). This site is suitable for thermaling and ridge soaring. Many flights can be done depending on the weather conditions.

* After lunch, if conditions allow us, we'll have an afternoon flight, otherwise we will visit Cuicocha Crater Lake or Cotacachi leather market.

* Overnight at Hosteria Rancho Totoral Yaguarcocha.

Day 5

* On this day we will travel further north towards El Chota valley. Our trusty vehicle will climb up to our next flying site at Cabras ( 9,920 ft msl), a flight with a difference of 4,160 ft between Launch and the LZ. This is considered one of the best flying sites in Ecuador. We will be launching from paramo (a high altitude ecosystem) and land at the dry warm valley of El Chota. El Chota valley is home of the only Afro-Ecuadorian group living in the Andean region. If time allows, we will visit the local elementary school to explain paragliding to the local children.

* Overnight at Hosteria Rancho Totoral Yaguarcocha.

Day 6

* Another good day of flying in the Andes! Location to be decided.

* Overnight at Hosteria Rancho Totoral Yaguarcocha.

Day 7

* This will be our last flying day in the Yaguarcocha Valley. After an early flight at Yahuarcocha Mountain we will head south along the Eastern Andean mountain range towards the Papallacta Hot springs.

* On the way we will pass by the highest paved road in Ecuador at 12,000 ft encountering different ecosystems, to finally enjoy the hot springs at the base of the Antisana volcano.

* Overnight at Papallacta hot springs.

Day 8

* Early departure, driving through the Western Andean mountain range, crossing the highlands and through cloud forests and tropical forests to end up in the dry coastal forests of Canoa, located in the Manabi Province. In Manabi we will encounter great flying sites such as Canoa and Crucita where the everyday prevailing ocean winds pick up around 10 A.M. and won't shut down until 5 or 6 P.M.

* Also the Ecuadorian seafood cuisine will complete your visit combined with nice hostels located right at the beach.

* Overnight at Hostel Canoa.

Day 9

* Here we will explore and enjoy the ridges of Canoa while soaring for many hours a day.

* Overnight at Hotel Canoa.

Day 10

* Early departure towards Crucita, 3 hours south from Canoa. This site also offers the same perfect conditions to ridge soar for many hours a day. You can fly this site everyday and land right in front of the Hotel.

* Overnight at Hosteria Sucaza.

Day 11-12

* During the early hours of the morning, you can visit one of the fish markets in the area located right at the beach or maybe help the fishermen pull the nets in and onto the beach. The rest of the day will be spent enjoying: some great flying, delicious food, Swimming in the ocean or Hotel Pool. and the warmth of our people.

* Overnight at Hosteria Sucaza.

Day 13

* Leave early in the morning towards Manta city, 30 minutes south of Crucita. Get our flight back to the capital city, Quito.

* We will visit old colonial town and all meet up for a classy dinner and departure party at a beautiful restaurant in the suburbs of Quito. The night will be spent at Hostel Fuente de Piedra.

Day 14

* Depart Quito for the US and catch connecting flights for home. Tour is over! =(